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Our designs are of the highest caliber, and our designers are the best. They are talented artists who have mastered the business side of graphic design.
Now let's talk about the creation or reworking of your logo, complete branding, yearbooks, flyers, packaging, billboards, posters, and other types of corporate and individual designs. We are constantly prepared to apply our many years of graphic design experience to your upcoming projects.
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Subject to our workload, which will be addressed prior to any payments, the turnaround time for a logo from sales to completion is normally 5-21 working days. Response time and any extra design modifications have an impact on timeframes as well.

We at Intent and our client work together on each logo design project. Our new clients are usually encouraged to give us samples, colour options, designs, and sketches they may have at their disposal, as this assists us to get a deeper understanding of the brand. Client evaluation, comments, and adjustments are requested throughout the design process.

No problem with that.

We will discuss the rationale behind the selection of the first set of designs when they are given to you. You will now have the chance to offer comments and, if necessary, ask for changes.

Although you are free to make as many modifications as you like, the normal project scope includes up to 5 revision rounds (depending on your package). If, in the odd event, more changes are needed, they will be charged at a rate of N6,000 each round and added to the final bill.

The copyright for the final agreed-upon logo is instantly assigned to you upon completion of the logo design job and after payment has been received.

With copyright protection, the sole right to print, exhibit, and distribute the design remains with the copyright owners of the work. This is what is passed to you, which entitles you to use the logo however you see fit.

We will deliver your files so that the logo can be used in a variety of formats after your logo design is finished and the final 20% payment has been received. Depending on the logo design package you bought, you will receive your logo files in PNG, PDF, Ai, etc.

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Our designs are of the highest caliber, and our designers are the best. They are talented artists who have mastered the business side of graphic design.
We ensure each design project gets the necessary attention since we recognize the uniqueness of each one. There is never a detail missed.
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Working Process

How It Works

Discussions About Project

We have a chat to have a brief understanding of your brand and the scope of your project. An invoice is prepared based on your chosen package. Once the 80% deposit payment is received, the next process starts.

Start Work With Team

This is the Research and Design stage. Our design team research the business, target market, mission etc, based on the information supplied by our client. The design brings all the acquired info together to create a perfect fit logo for your brand.

Handover & Live!

Once the design is delivered and approved, we proceed to fine tune and get the high resolution file ready to be delivered to you. Then you are good to go!

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